Client Engagements

Case Studies


Executive coaching and advisory services to Senior Management Team of the technology-software company throughout the transition of the merger to improve team effectiveness, strategy execution, leadership development, and integration. Execution of plan resulted in strengthening relationships, increasing functional and business knowledge, developing a new cultural foundation and engaging in healthy and productive conflict. Techniques successfully resulted in sustainable changes providing positive board and organizational feedback. 


Served as executive coach and advisor to SVP for one of the nation's leading telecommunications firms, identified as having the potential to become organization leaders. Advised and coached leadership development plan and support tactics to increase communications and presentation skills, developing effective professional presence, nurture strategic relationships. Developed sustainable tactics and behaviours to drive long-term success. The executive has been promoted. 


Served as an executive coach to a global executive team of leading international bank to develop and nurture relationships, increase communication effectiveness across all units, support team dynamics, develop a team identity. Coaching supported each member to capitalize on individual strengths to supportive team identity, increase the effectiveness of communications and efficiency in meetings. The new collective culture resulting from individual behavioural changes which provided a springboard to sustain changes to impact employee engagement and motivation across the organization. Subsequent assessments confirmed the results and a solid understanding of strategy and each individual impact on that strategy. 


Served as an executive coach and advisor to CEO of division of multinational process management firm to develop personal brand both internally and externally, develop powerful motivational presentation and reduce division and reconnect management team and increase team effectiveness. Development plan implementation resulted in significant behaviour change, heightened self-awareness, strategic time management tactics, increased listening skills, mediation techniques, powerful presentations and enhanced relationships. Behaviour changes resulted in a dramatic and positive improvement in others' perceptions of the leader solidifying his brand, increase employee motivation and engagement and increasing team effectiveness and productivity.